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Recently Submitted Websites

AJ Matrix V5
AJ Matrix is the PHP-MySQL based Matrix-MLM software with advanced features highly customizable Responsive UI Design.

AJ Classifieds
AJ Classifieds Software v4 empowers your on line community with effective tools to attract and retain more visitors to your web site. It enhances your web site with inclined site traffic, automated content creation and additional revenues.

AJ Auction Pro Auction Software
AJ Auction is a comprehensively-built Auction Script to set up, your online auction site with excellent aspects.

Ad Board Script
Marketing scripts are always popular and Ad Boards are no exception. Instantly giving you the ability to offer free and pro membership plus premium advertising and banner impressions for a fee, our Ad Board script adds value to your site and makes it 'sticky'. 'Sticky' sites encourage members to return on a regular basis, allowing you to show them your own promotions every time.Ad Boards are highly trafficked sites - thereby increasing the popularity and page views on your web site. Your advertisers will be able to see real-time stats of impressions and hits at-a-glance. You can also sell banner impressions to site visitors in top and bottom positions as an extra source of income.

GentleSource News Script
News Script allows you to write articles for your website. It features a WYSIWYG editor which makes writing an article easy and it supports search engine friendly URLs. The script is completely template driven and includes an installation routine.

AccStatistics - True statistics - website statistics program
AccStatistics is a website statistics program. AccStatistics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and number of visits and number of unique visitors of your website.

Jobs Portal
Easy customizable and professional looking jobs portal solution. Jobs Portal comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based), jobseekers administration space (with functionality for the users to edit their profile, consult the job offers, manage their resume etc.), employers administration space (allowing the employers to post job ads, manage their company profile, search the database with the jobseekers resumes and many others) and powerful back office for the administrators (providing full control over the website, structure and content management, detailed user management, search engines reports, statistics and many others).

Blog System
Blog System is a web software product written in PHP , that can be installed easily on a server / hosting package of yours and allows you to create multi user blog portals. It's a complete blog portal system and not just simple php blog script, including administration panel, users admin panels and many other features.

Based on iBoutique 4.0, iBoutique.MALL is a powerful multi user mall software solution. It makes possible for the new vendors to signup and create their own customized online stores with ease. The product features all the powerful product and categories management functionality of iBoutique 4.0 . It is empowered also by WebSiteAdmin, a state of the art content management system providing the users a rich functionality to manage their online stores structure and content. It includes facilities like the unique WebSiteAdmin concept of website structure (like adding new pages, modifying the website hierarchy and many others) and content management with simple drag and drop mouse movements. iBoutique.MALL is easy customizable and flexible, it can be combined with all the modules (like Intranet, News, Links Manager, Document Manager, FAQ Manager, Photo Albums, Newsletter and others) and products of the WebSiteAdmin family (Blog System, Jobs Portal, Real Estate Portal, Cars Portal).

Based on one of the world's leading structure and content management systems - WebSiteAdmin, WSCreator (WS standing for WebSite) is powerful application for handling multiple websites. It provides the functionality for the new users to signup and create and maintain online their websites with ease and for the administrator to manage multiple user groups and assign them different access rights for the application resources. WSCreator inherits from WebSiteAdmin a powerful set of tools for handling the website structure and content - like the unique WebSiteAdmin feature for managing the website structure with simple mouse drag-and-drop moves or create with ease and publish on the website custom server side forms without writing even a line of programming code.

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